Female emotions

Female Logic 

Women speak using their logic but act with their emotions.

Even ONLY THIS SENTENCE will be your headstart. If you understand it and APPLY it, you will get them to chase you. Their nonsense actions will start making sense.

Women ACT with their EMOTIONS, and then they MAKE UP a story with their logic.


This is an automatic process. They never do it on purpose. It’s never their FAULT

Just remember this, and you will improve any kind of relations with her. You can go out with her WHENEVER you want, go home WHENEVER you want, DO WHATEVER YOU WANT WHENEVER YOU WANT

If you want to be good about it, change their EMOTIONS, not their THOUGHTS.

This is the #1 rule.

If you never forget this, it will be easier for you to CREATE attraction and sustain it.

Men also act with their emotions sometimes; but for women, it’s like their operation system unlike us.

Don’t try to convince her to do something.

Don’t ARGUE.

REMOVE your logic when you are with her.

Don’t ever use your logic to make her do something. Because the things that she likes, she thinks she likes, and the thing she says she likes MAY be completely different

Douchebags and Nice Guys

nice guy

I’m gonna talk about something I see really often.

A girl that says she likes nice guys who treat her well, who is also educated and smart. In reality, you see her with a guy who is a dropout DOUCHEBAG that treats her like SHIT.

She SAYS that she is unhappy, but she NEVER BREAKS UP with him.

Are you familiar with that? Why does she act like that?

Because she talks with logic but acts with her emotions. She chooses to be around him, who makes her feel GREAT.

This guy can be a douchebag or a nice guy or anyone. (Probably not gonna be a “nice guy” simply because they are boring and they don’t have anything else but being nice)

That’s why, you will never try to convince her LOGICALLY, but you will do it with her EMOTIONS.

If you make her feel RIGHT, she will NATURALLY come to you.

Change her mood

Let’s say you told your girlfriend you want to watch some movie with her.

And she said;

“No, I don’t want to watch a movie.” You tease her, have some fun. Now she is happy and smiling. And then you say;

“I’m picking a movie, let’s watch it.”


That’s it! All of the things you did made her feel good and she accepted to watch a movie because now she is happy and wants to watch a movie!

Two seconds ago—Unhappy, doesn’t want to watch a movie

Now—Happy, having fun and wants to watch a movie.



If we say something, it applies now, it doesn’t change in 2 hours or maybe even in a week.

But their minds change.

That’s why a French king wrote this:

“Women change, and the man who believes them is insane”

She says that she hates you, but she kisses you after 30 seconds.

She says that she loves you, and tells you to call her in a couple of hours. You call her but she doesn’t act the same. Maybe she is cooking and she doesn’t feel that great now and she doesn’t act the same. The girl who tells you that she loves you changes even in a couple of hours. You can’t even figure out what’s going on.

Watch her actions

Most men ask “Hey, what happened ?”

I used to ask that question and blame myself for making her feel like that. And the worst thing is, I was ASKING HER if I did something wrong!

You shouldn’t ask those questions because of two reasons:

  1. She says that you don’t understand her.
  2. She thinks you are a coward.

Your mission is to make her laugh again and make her feel good.

Our biggest mistake is; we think that they will act with their logic because they think with their logic.

We don’t understand what’s going on and we just say that there is no way understanding them.

When some people say “Don’t even try to understand her” They mean this:

“Don’t seek a logical reason behind what they do, they act with their emotions.


She can do what do you want her to do ONLY ONE minute after she says she doesn’t want to do it.

I can easily tell this by experience:

If you want something from her, make her laugh, have a good time, tease her, even tickle her AND THEN ask it.

I will teach you how to do this in another part, but let’s continue to examine her mind.

Control her emotions

Men always think logically and try to convince her to do something, and this doesn’t work 99% of the time.

THE KEY is this: Play to their EMOTIONS, not to their LOGIC.

Her mind is run by her EMOTIONS. Be smart and change their EMOTIONS first, then her mind will change NATURALLY

Let’s say you are talking about dogs and you want to name your dog and ask for help. If she likes dogs, she says “Oh I like dogs” and likes you too. If she doesn’t, she doesn’t like you too. (This like and hate thing doesn’t mean that she will do it 100% and won’t ever change her mind.)

Women have an emotion for every word in their brains. Their feelings change with only a couple of words. And you can control it.

Some guys find a girl, and they like her. Then they want her SO BAD. He wants her to want him too. They try SO HARD to get her attention. They buy gifts and they take them to expensive dinners and want her to like them BACK.


She may not feel anything for you, she may not be attracted. But you just do something simple and she likes you. Furthermore, everything can turn into your favor in a short time. (And vice versa)

She may like you with your one word, but it doesn’t mean that she likes you forever and she will be with you. If you know her for a month and let’s say you are a sucker and you only worked to get yourself kicked in the balls and made a lot of mistakes. So you have a rate that shows how GOOD and BAD she felt.

If your rate is 90% BAD in a whole month, then one right move won’t be enough to fix it.

You can assume that it’s 50/50 when you meet and it increases as long as you make the right moves. Then, your small mistakes won’t do much damage.

Don’t care about how she THINKS. Don’t care about what she thinks.

Play to her EMOTIONS, make her spend a good time, and you will get the RESULTS.

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