Female logic vs Female emotions

Two Forces

Understanding female logic and navigating her emotions are gives most guys a headache. These are the two separate forces in women’s brains that constantly fight each other. Female logic also has social programming in itself.

Female Logic always says:

“Do not have sex with men, do not look like a slut, protect the image of a decent girl, do things that people will judge you, hide it when you do it, deny it until the end, and be selective.”

On the other hand, her feelings tell the girl something different.

Their emotion tells the girl to act basically like a man. Because she wants to have sex. Sex is part of a healthy female mechanism.

female logic

Logic and emotions neutralize each other

Have you ever been involved in a filthy fight? When you fight with someone, it’s never worth it. Even if you are the winner, in the end, you still get punched. A fight has no winner. Everybody loses. But when you go crazy, when you get really angry, you’ll find yourself in trouble.

It is stupid. You get so angry that your feelings will get you. You do not care about anything.

Or let’s say you have a girlfriend and normally use a birth control pill. But she has not used it in the last week because she finished the package and she hasn’t bought them yet. You said, “Okay, do not have sex with me, baby.” After a while, “OK, let’s use a condom”. But you need to go and buy the condom. You said, “OK, just kiss me.” And then, you started to have sex, because that’s what happens all the time. And then you say:

”Do you think you’ll get pregnant? Ok, I will pull out.” And then you do it or you don’t. Even if you did, you feel stupid because you can’t be sure if she is pregnant or not.

That’s because of her emotions. You know, you shouldn’t do this, but as your emotions get over you, your mind will be canceled. Your feelings dominate you and you can’t think. You allow your biological mechanisms to direct you. Biological mechanisms; fighting, sex, or whatever it is.

Suppressed desire

One of the biological mechanisms of a healthy woman is having sex. She wants it, but she always suppresses it.


Society says to her:

“It’s bad, it’s this thing, if you do it you’ll go to hell,” or something like that.

Since her childhood, she has always been told of such repressive things, and she always suppresses her wishes.

When you meet a girl as a man, just think of jokes in a fun way. You’re joking, you’re touching her, you’re holding her, you’re holding her hand, you’re looking at her, you’re massaging her and you’re so absurd but funny that the girl is starting to lose track. As a result, the girl’s sexual orientation begins to emerge. She stops letting down their desires, allowing them to come out. Because she knows you will not judge her for natural sexual desires.

As a man, it is your job to be an emotional rock and navigate her suppressed desires as a seasoned player. She wants to feel that you are in control when she feels this way.

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