How to attract a high value woman

Have Standards

high-value woman

 When choosing a high-value woman an attractive man will seek some features. Those are the things that can’t be seen.

If you don’t seek anything in a woman, if you don’t have any standards, it means that you are giving this message:

  1. I accept any woman.
  2. You are not special, I chose you because you were the only one available.
  3. You will feel easy and definitely not special for being with a guy like me.

If you show that you have standards, and you seek things in a high-value woman, you state this:

  1. I’m used to being successful with women and I have options.
  2. The reason I like you is not only your beauty but your personality as well. You are special and meet my expectations.
  3. I only hang out with a quality high-value woman

Don’t forget this, women understand these things. They are like personality satellites. They understand what kind of a man you are and act accordingly.

An average guy assumes that the girl is picking guys and tries to PROVE himself. He says:

“Oh she is so beautiful, I wonder if she has a boyfriend”

“Can I buy you a drink”

“Would she date me if I buy her expensive gifts”

If you are thinking about those things, it will reflect on your actions. The girl notices even a small sign and loses interest in you. But If you have standards, it will also reflect on your personality and she will be attracted to you.

Even those small moves send the signal that you are valuable and have standards. She understands it and pays more attention to you. She assumes that a successful guy is always picky and respects you because you are one of them.

Female beauty

Men get affected by women’s beauty easily and show it to the girl.

They say “You are so beautiful”. But the girl is used to hearing that. Maybe a hundred men said that today. She already knows that she is beautiful and she doesn’t want to hear it anymore.

She thinks “All men are the same”.

Beautiful girls know that they can attract you with their beauty. They don’t work for you but you do everything to touch her. It makes you an ordinary guy. But if you show that you seek something else, and you are not affected by her look, she will be into you.

Doing this states that you are USED TO being around beautiful girls. Beauty is not enough for you and what matters is something else.

The moment she realizes this, she will prove herself to you. She tries to show what else she has and tells you about those.

She really starts talking to you, tells her life, what she does etc.

Now you are not an ordinary guy. You become different in her eyes.

Attractive traits

Now I will share some of the features that I seek in a girl

Positivity. I like cheerful girls.

She acts however she likes.

A girl that can live on her own.

She doesn’t seek validation.

A social girl with a lot of friends.

A high-value woman that knows how to live life.

A girl that creates a positive connection when I’m with her.

She knows her sexuality, not a baby anymore.

Educated, smart and takes care of herself.

Adventurous and open minded

A woman that takes care of her health.

Contributes to her society.

Develops herself all the time, reads books.

High self-esteem.

No passive aggressiveness.

A woman that doesn’t need me.

Knows my values and contributes to them.

Those are some of the features that I seek in a high-value woman. I don’t want all of them in one girl, I just discover which of these does she have when I meet a girl.

The things that you want can be different or similar. The point is having SOMETHING that you are looking for.

She will see it in your behavior.

Qualifying her

I sometimes ask them some questions so that they understand it earlier.

I always ask “What do you have other than your beauty ?”

It can also be used as a test. If she likes you, she will start talking about the things for you to like her.

Sometimes they can’t even give a single answer. They think for 10 seconds and they say “I’m smart.” Which is not an answer. If she tries to find something, that’s also a sign that she is into you. If she doesn’t do that, it means that she doesn’t like you.

Let’s say you like positive girls. You can ask it directly.

After she answers, you should talk about it a little bit. If you question her with all the things you want, she will feel uncomfortable, which bores her.

If you really don’t seek anything, that’s also fine as long as you act as if you do. Maybe you only want a hot girl. That will work but a man who has standards is always better.

Now, get a pen and paper, and write down FIVE things that you seek in a girl.

This is an important exercise. A man who knows what he wants acts accordingly.

Think about the girls that are in your life or the girls you want to get.

Do they have those features that you have written down?

When you are sure about what you want, ask the girls you meet if they have those. Try to understand their personality.

They will see that you have standards and it will increase your chance with them.

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