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How To Be Cool

You must be calm but cheerful. Both at the same time.

Being only one of them is not enough, you will face situations where you need to be both.

What is being cool?

It’s kind of a positivity that you spread.

Cool people make jokes, have fun, don’t complain, don’t have problems (they do but you can’t see them), they act childish in a good way.

 People like to be around them as they spread it.

Can you learn how to be cool you might ask yourself?

The answer is YES! however, It has nothing to do with your Superman look or James Bond attitude.

If you can control your emotions, your anger, and rage, you are “cool”.

When a girl does something annoying, when a fight starts or when you argue, you need to KEEP CALM and control your feelings.

Yoda teaches Luke how to CONTROL his feelings. He tells him anger is the way to the dark side. Luke listens to him and manages to control himself and avoids mistakes even when Dart Vader teases him.

That’s why you, as an attractive guy, have to keep calm. Women are attracted to those men, and this is a common thing among successful men.

You have to be both cool and calm.

Some people aren’t calm, some aren’t in control of their emotions, but they can always LEARN how to be cool.

Making yourself feel good by meditation or constructive thoughts are common ways to improve it.

Be Aloof

If You are making 10 million a year and you just woke up with a model. IMAGINE that situation for a minute.

Doesn’t it feel GREAT?

Whenever you are feeling down or depressed, imagine those things to keep you cheerful.

When a girl meets you, she will definitely think that you are successful and you know what you want. It means that everything goes perfect and you are happy about the things that are happening.

When you show that you are angry, sad or depressed, you also state that you are BROKE, WEAK and NEEDY.

We feel bad when we lose value. When someone dumps you, or you get fired. When your value is high, you tend to be happy.

Long story short, girls assume that you are a loser if you act depressed. It happens automatically. They just sense it. If you are happy all the time, it will also cheer them up and make them feel good about you.

You create an attraction and it grows to attract more people. If you are the opposite, you become a sucker and all the girls run away from you.

Even if you are not cheerful, I suggest you act like that. Your mind affects your body, your behavior, and your personality. You will be surprised to see the results.

Sometimes what women say will make you angry or sad. It can be a girl that you just met in a bar, or on Tinder. A person from your workplace can also do that. You need to understand that it will happen.

Don’t be affected by those people and certainly don’t react in a negative way.

You should always remember the following:

1. Don’t get angry
2. Don’t get upset
3. Don’t take revenge
4. Be cool, keep calm

Don’t overreact when women do annoying things.

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