How to become a more attractive man

How to become more attractive

So you want to know how to get a girlfriend? You can learn some fantastic tips on how to become much more attractive to women. Simply keep reading and you will learn some of the proven methods to pick up women.

In this episode, I will tell you how the girls you will make the girl run after you. If you apply these parts correctly, the girl you like will want to give her phone number on the day you first met, and even kiss you.

Well, what do you need to do?

  • Dinner ordered in luxury restaurants
  • Gifts
  • Buying drinks in clubs
  • Taking the girl out 10 times before kissing
  • Waiting 3 months before having sex
  • Paying the bill
  • Having a luxury car
  • Being handsome
  • Being rich
  • Complimenting her.


When you learn this chapter thoroughly and apply it correctly, you will turn yourself into an incredible self-confidence machine. You will be exposed to emotional and sexual acts of women at every place you go.

Your Body Language

Every word spoken with an impressive tone of voice and every move made with an impressive body language allows people around you to trust you and respect you. If the body language and tone are weak, say as many impressive words as you want, no good.

That’s what people want to say with “good posture.” When a woman looks at an attractive man from a distance and says, “I like the posture of this man,” what she actually likes is this:

Attractive body language

This is a physical attraction.

There is also an attraction with the mind, your emotional state and thoughts define it.
I will talk about it in the future.

I personally make sure that my movements and voice comply with the following features.

Here’s a list of features that you can start practicing right after reading and instantly increase the attractiveness of yourself in women’s eyes which give you the opportunity to talk to them:

Speak loudly

A man who speaks silently is like a man with a soft handshake. A woman should never have difficulty hearing you or ask you to repeat what you said. Even in noisy places. Talking loudly, in the beginning, can diminish your voice, but that is a good thing. As the voice struggles like other muscles in the same body, it becomes stronger. Speaking loudly can feel weird at first, but push your limits until the end.

Speak Slowly

When men meet girls, they start talking fast if they like the girl. It makes them look weak and nervous.

You should speak slowly ON PURPOSE. Speak as slow as 1/3 of what you consider normal.

Highs And Lows.

Know to control your voice, change it according to the story you are telling. Because the same tone all the time is always boring for girls.

Don’t bow, bend, or lean

Never do that when someone doesn’t hear you. If they don’t hear you, speak louder. If it doesn’t work, şlet them come to you but never change your confident posture.

Sometimes the music is too loud in the clubs. Keep on talking. Trust me, it’s better for them to not understand a few words, than you repeating it again.

Stand upright

You should never hunch. You should stand and sit upright. It’s not like a sculpture, but try to stand up comfortably.

Cover the place

Don’t think a lot about society’s “do not bother others”. You should open your legs at least shoulder wide while sitting, and extend your arms wide. Of course, you should not overdo it. Even when you are standing still, you should cover as much space as possible. Do not forget this; an attractive man who physically occupies a space is always more attractive to women!

Eye contact

Eye contact is very important. Keep the eye contact like a laser beam while talking to people. If you are talking in a group you should try to make eye contact with everyone.

If there is a girl you like in the group, look at her a little less. You should look like you’re not really into her. If you do not really care about the girl, if she likes you, she will start to try to attract your attention. This, of course, is a good thing.


This is very important! A smile sends friendly signals around. Fighting with a smiling person is almost impossible. When you meet a new girl, you should smile while talking. You should smile on your way to meet a girl and when you say “hello” to people. You can even show your teeth with a smile.

Legs and Feet

The standing distance between your feet should be at least shoulder width. You should open your legs at least shoulder width while sitting. Also  never stick or twist your legs together.

You should avoid all movements that reduce the physical space you cover!


As you walk, you can normally take steps that are bigger (not that much) and slower. When you walk like this, it shows self-confidence.

Don’t move too much.

When you move, you look nervous and insecure. You shouldn’t play with the objects like a phone or a pen.

Get your hands out of your pocket.

Your hands should stay comfortably on both sides of your body. It must be the same as walking. Only when you are very excited, you can put your hands in the pocket.

Move Slowly

For example; you should slowly turn your head backward when someone calls your name. When someone asks you to go somewhere, you should get up slowly and walk slowly.

Speak your mother tongue well

Speaking your mother tongue is a very important requirement. I think that’s one of those things that is a must. If you have doubts about yourself, you can enroll in a course about speech or you can take private lessons on this subject.

You can start applying them right now. When you go out, try to walk slowly and surely as you go to a market. While speaking to the seller, try to speak with a slow and strong voice and a smile.

You will immediately notice the change in people’s behavior to you. I suggest that you turn every item on the list into a habit. You should apply these lists not only for women but in every part of your life. Thus, as a result of this change in your behavior, not only women but also men will like you.


But the feedback in some men will be negative. You will notice that some men are beginning to act in opposition to you. They can try to mock you, behave disrespectfully or make you feel annoyed.


That happens when they start seeing you as an opponent.

Getting this reaction will show that you are on the right track.

Why do they see you as an opponent?

They both know you can get the women they like, and they see you as a rival because you can get ahead in the war between men.

When you do these things correctly, you will notice that the women you meet talk to you with smiles and a cheerful tone of voice. You will realize they begin to like you. But you’ll also see that some women are colder than normal. It will be the same as some men.

Do not forget this:

It creates both positive and negative reactions around an attractive man of high value! But it surely creates a reaction.
Men who do not create a reaction are the losers.

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