How to get more female attention

Getting more female attention is something every man wants. But what if I told you that one of the most powerful tools you have as a man to get more female attention is actually how you use YOUR OWN ATTENTION.

As we all know, no one likes needy behavior. I would say that neediness is a universal unattractive quality that will decrease female attention immediately. If you find yourself displaying this kind of behavior stop it immediately.

An example might be needy texting: blowing up her phone all day talking about nothing… Sending meaningless text messages such as ‘How are you, How was your day, What are you up to etc. All of this communicates “ I AM A BIG LOSER WITH NOTHING GOING ON IN MY LIFE” please give me attention. As a man, you should be too busy conquering the world and working on your mission or building an empire. You are literally too busy to fuck around and entertain a girl.

female attention

The first thing you need to internalize is that YOU ARE THE PRIZE. Stop putting the pussy on a pedestal! You need to start putting yourself first, this will help you with getting more female attention. If you put someone on a pedestal they have no choice but to look down on you. You are giving away all of your masculine power from the start. In any relationship, the person with the most power is the one who needs the other the least. This has been stated many times over again and needs to be ingrained into your being. Being unattainable with a grain of unpredictability is the healthy balance you should be among for as a man.

The end goal is to be a man with his own life and interests and the girl should be entering your world. Instead of HER being YOUR WORLD. This is really the key and the foundation for having a healthy relationship not only with yourself but also with others.

Make yourself happy first

It is not someone else’s responsibility to make you happy. You should be happy with or without a girl in your life. After all, I see so many guys who sacrifice their own ambitions and life goals just to make a girl happy. Therefore this is the wrong attitude to have and this will affect your own happiness in the long term. A good exercise is to be more selfish for a period of time and getting used to putting yourself first. There is nothing wrong with being egocentric, you shouldn’t be spending all your time and energy trying to make other people happy. This way you will run out of things to say and energy quickly. For the most part, you will come across as needy and eventually might feel depressed. You will end up wondering: What is going here?

Your life is not about other people. Make your life about YOU. Your happiness matters, not other people’s happiness. This will take time though to develop the habit of being the center of your own universe. YOU are the SUN and everything else revolves around YOU and not the other way around. So instead of being reactive to external stimuli, you are in control of your own destiny and not easily swayed by what happens around you. This the ideal way of living your life and eventually it will make you a more attractive man.

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