How To Be More Dominant 

Male dominance is something that has been lacking these days amongst many young men.

A woman wants a man who is “the captain of the ship” and will handle any situation. She wants to submit to your display of being in control and taking the lead. Be decisive, pick where to eat, handle reservations, start thinking and acting as a LEADER. Fickle mindedness is a female trait and you don’t want that in a man.

Be a man with a plan

Women admire men who lead them. Stop listening to what other people might say or what you have been told so far. Countless scientific studies have shown that woman respond very well to male leadership. It is just in their nature to submit to a stronger power. They need to feel protected and want a man that knows how to take charge. Whatever you do, you better be the one making the plans. A simple plan is still better than no plan at all. Be decisive, this is a clear sign of CONFIDENCE. Girls in general, don’t want to take charge, they love the feeling of being taken care off and submitting to a CONFIDENT guy and feel your presence of a dominant man.

Adopt a more dominant posture

Standing tall

Taking space

Leaning back

Hands on hips

These are just a couple of things you should be conscious about from now on. I see so many guys with bad posture these days it has become a frigging joke. Just correcting your posture will set you apart from all those slouchers and pudgy soy boys around you. There is less competition than you realize. As you can see having a good posture will immediately change your perception other people will have about you. You will also feel much more CONFIDENT and POSITIVE.

male dominance

Watch the infamous Amy Cuddy TED talk that goes in more depth in more depth on the importance of having good body language and how it affects your thoughts and behavior. There are several nonverbal displays of male dominance in the clip. Watch and learn!

The power of eye contact

Having powerful eye contact is one of the FIRST things you should work on if you want to be perceived as a more dominant and confident man. IMPROVING THIS alone will dramatically change your ability with Game and getting laid. Your ability to hold strong eye contact is definitely one of the most overlooked social skills. It is one of the must-have skills to master out of the nonverbal communication signs. It is a definite trait of male dominance.

Powerful eye contact is not only a skill to emotionally connect with other human beings but also a direct revelation of your own inner state and confidence level. The less confident you feel, the less likely you will feel comfortable making direct eye contact with someone. Strong eye contact is arguably the quickest and most reliable way of assessing a man’s confidence. The eyes are the window to the soul and don’t lie. A man that can hold the intensity of direct eye contact is attractive because he is rare. Most men will cave into the tension and look away, as strong eye contact is difficult to maintain if you do not have the confidence to back it up. If you can hold her gaze and relax into it you are showing her that you are comfortable with sexual tension and thus have the confidence to handle her.


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