Plausible deniability aka ‘It just happened’

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Plausible deniability is one of the most important things that you should never forget when talking to a girl:

They are PROGRAMMED to PREDICT that they DON’T like sex.

Their minds are built by the society like that. They are taught that.

Read this example:

Let’s say a guy is with a girl and driving her home in the night. And then he says “let’s go to your place” and she says no.

He insists buy she still says “no I can’t”

They decide to sit in the car and talk. And then they have sex in the car.

Why did it happen?


They don’t do anything that will lead to sex. You must do it.

When asked how did it happen, they all say the same;

“I don’t know, it just happened”

Whenever you have sex with a girl, you have to make it look like that.

When she thinks about it, she must think “it just happened”

and never “Yes, I wanted him and took him home”

You shouldn’t make her feel like that unless you are experienced. 

All women want their men to LEAD. You should never put her in a situation that results in her feeling responsible.

She shouldn’t contribute to going home together. Even if she did, you must make it look like she didn’t. If you don’t, she can feel like a slut and thus, stay away.

Let’s say you are talking to a girl in a bar and you want to take her home. EVEN IF you kissed, don’t ever say

“Let’s go to my place and continue there”–>Plausible Deniability

Because even if she wanted to go, she wouldn’t. If you want her to go home with you, just do this:

“I have really good movie collections in my flat, I want to show you”

Problem Solved.

She needs an excuse that will make her feel innocent.

You are not going to your house to have sex, you are going to watch movies. And if you have sex:


Don’t make her feel responsible.

I will teach you some phrases that you can use as an excuse. One of the simplest of them is this:

If you want her to sit on your bed, just take your camera and sit on your bed, and say:

“I have cool photos, let’s take a look together”

You wanted her to sit on your bed.
You wanted it to look at your photos
She is not responsible for anything –>Plausible Deniability

 If you want to have “something” with her, you will lead her as a man and start it. Don’t wait for her to kiss you, because she won’t.

Whatever it is that you want, focus on it!

Do you want to kiss her? Focus on it and kiss her. A girl that sits on your bed has a 120% chance of kissing you.

Do you want to have sex? Your chance with her is 90%. Continue reading to make it 100%.

Make her feel good and comfortable.

In order to get the girl, you must take them into your world. If you show her the things that YOU like, she also likes it.

Most guys do the things that she likes, thinking that she will like them, but it’s not true. At least not in the beginning.

They like to get to know you. They will want to explore what kind of a man you are, That’s why you should be 100% HONEST and CONFIDENT, Don’t just try to look good.

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