Be A Masculine Man

What Is A Real Man

What is a real man you might ask yourself?

When I talk to girls, they keep saying “I want a manly guy”

Their expectations are created around this MANLY GUY dream. If you are MANLY enough, she will WANT YOU.

How will you define what is a real man?

If you are confident, calm and don’t care if she likes you or not, (or the girl thinks like that) she will want you more than a needy guy.

If your MAIN purpose (to sleep with a girl etc.) is seen, it’s not a thing that she will be attracted. Saying “I like you and I want to be with you” EARLY will make her go away since she will think that you NEED her if you act like this.

A guy WHO NEEDS a girl is the WORST GUY.

If you only think about having a great time, having fun or exploring her (In a confident way), she will be NATURALLY attracted to you.

“I want a relationship and I want to get married” type of guys don’t even have a small chance compared to the NATURAL GUY.


“I like you and I am serious” = 7 words that will destroy your chance with that girl (when said early).


Say it after 5 months of a relationship, and she will fall in love with you once more.

Let the idea of having sex with that girl disappear from your mind. A relationship should mean a relationship with family, with yourself, with your friends, with your co-workers.

You must be with a girl JUST BECAUSE you want to spend time with her.

NOT BECAUSE you need a girl in your life.

 Some examples the qualities of a real man

  1. Have their values, truths, and beliefs.
  2. Have passions and goals. They aren’t distracted by the obstacle and they don’t let girls, alcohol or parties distract him.
  3. Knows what’s important for him. Knows how and with whom to spend time efficiently. He knows whom he doesn’t want to be with.
  4. I love myself. If you don’t like it, I don’t care” is his mentality. He doesn’t put EFFORT to GET GIRLS.

A girl that makes men suffer becomes a slave to this man. She gives him her everything. She trusts him.

Be Clear About Your Intentions

How will she know if you are MANLY?

You have to be very clear, you must tell what you think and show how you act without a second thought.

She has to hear you say “I want this kind of people in my life because of this”. You have to show that you don’t need ANY girl but a specific type.

Values, beliefs and your own truths are up to you. I don’t let anyone smoke in my car. NOBODY can do that.

I might have met a girl and she wanted to smoke in my car. I don’t let her do that. She can change her tone and even beg for it. If you get soft and say “Okay okay”, your value will be down in a second.

If you think she will want to have sex with you because you let her break your law, it’s a big delusion.

When you let a girl do something while breaking your rules, it means that you are WEAK, EASY and LOSER.

You wouldn’t want to be a guy like that. That’s why I never let her BREAK my rules.

It shows that you are STRONG and you have a great state of mind, which is attractive.

The society, the girl or the president doesn’t matter. They can’t affect my state. I act according to my thoughts.

Of course, you will listen to people and then judge what they say. If they are being logical and it makes sense, you will listen to them. 

When I’m making a decision, I do it according to MY OWN truths.

If you do what they tell you to do, it becomes their decision and thus; their life, NOT YOURS.

Be unaffected and cool

A strong man doesn’t let anyone affect him. He decides according to his beliefs and thoughts and acts like that. He listens to other people but decides for himself. If he doesn’t like it, he doesn’t do it. He is passionate about some things and it doesn’t matter what it is. If he is passionate about something, even if it’s video games, she will find it attractive.

The important question is hidden there:

Do you have a passion? Anything. Even watching cartoons.

And, he doesn’t let anything distract him.

What do I mean?

I sleep around 11 pm because I need to get enough sleep for my body. A girl may want to talk to me until 2 or 3 am. I generally don’t do that. She may feel bad or she can say something like “You are lame”

But deep inside, she respects that I have a belief or a value that I keep no matter what.

She knows that I’m strong and not distracted. This makes her trust me. Because she knows that I will keep my promises and keep them in every aspect of life.

If I hangout with her until 3, I can’t wake up early and I can’t accomplish everything I want to accomplish during the day. It means that feminine energy distracted me and girls don’t respect that.

You may think that doing what she wants can be a good thing, but that’s not how it works.

A Stoic Attitude

They always try to distract you with their feminine energy and they actually want you to resist that. If you think that it will be better for you and do what she wants, the girl will slowly lose interest in you.

She may want you to cum inside her even when she doesn’t use birth control. If you do that, she gets disappointed because she sees that you can’t control yourself. If you control yourself and don’t do what she says, she will be satisfied to have had sex with such a man.

When she complains, I always say this:

“I’m like this. If you don’t want to talk, you can leave”

I’ve never seen a girl walk away when I say this. It’s always the OPPOSITE. They always continued talking, some even treated me better. Because I showed that I have borders and I follow my own rules.

Let’s say you met a girl on Tinder, you are looking at her photos. When you see her face, you think that it’s nice. And then you see her body and it looks really hot. You want to talk to her more and more. This sentence you say to her is the same for them.

Your attitude is what matters.

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