Shit Tests – Part 2


Major Shit Tests

Firstly, I want to talk about the MAJOR ones, and then I will give examples of minor tests.

Here are the 5 major shit tests that almost all of the women use:

  1. They can pretend that they are jealous of you to do what they want.
  2. They can complain because of something you do.
  3. Love or sex can be used against you as a tool to get what they want. (It can even become a schedule)
  4. They can act as if they weren’t available
  5. She may mention that other men are interested in her. The reason for doing this is seeing how you will react. (David DeAngelo)

These 5 shit tests are essentials. You will never forget them for your life!

You should do what you need to not forget these tests. Whether you take notes on your mobile phone or write it as a note. But never forget them, please!

So what should you do against these tests?




What do I mean when I say sustain your state? Of course, I do not speak of physical state. What I mean when I say sustain is:


If you have your own truths, if you have your own beliefs, if you have your own values, and if the nonsense that the woman has made cannot turn you from the right way, you have a strong stance.

Whatever you believe, you must continue to do whatever you know to be true.

But of course, this state must be a smart state. In the end, the woman should not be right!

That’s what the woman wants from inside. The woman does not want you to make her requests stupid things, she gets frustrated when you fulfill her absurd wishes.

Because she sees you’re not a strong man.

If he does what she wants, then others can make you do the same. How can he be able to protect her from the danger in the world in this case?

What I’m doing as a solution to most of the shit tests is:

Never be affected emotionally.

This method always works. No matter what happens, you should not be affected emotionally. Even if you are affected, you should not show it. Protect your cool.

You should be sure to pay attention to the following in the face of the shit tests:

Don’t be mad or sad

Don’t look disappointed

DO NOT FEAR (especially the fear of losing her)

Real Life Example

Let’s say you’re in her place, and there is an argument for a reason that’s so ridiculous to you, and she starts shouting. After listening to her until the end, you say: “Is it over? I do not accept this behavior. “Get out of the door, walk in the car and go on with your life. Because you’re a busy person and you have things to do. Maybe she’s at your house. After you have finished yelling at the girl, get up, go to the door, open the door and say: “Bye Bye.” Women act completely differently around men who understand this phenomenon. If you are one of the men who know this thing, you will behave differently. For example; she may stop bitching. When you say “Cut it out,” she understands what you mean. You always know you are in control, and the girl, in general, is much more satisfied.

She does not complain about stupid things, because you will not tolerate it, and knows that it will not work.

She can complain or be nonsensical because of a matter that is not necessary. Regardless of the subject, you should clearly state that you will not accept this treatment. You can tell her:

“I do not accept this behavior. You can act this way with other men, but not with me. “

You should not hesitate to say this to a woman who acts unfairly against you. Or she will continue to do so as long as you accept this kind of treatment.

For men who are experienced with women in this regard, I will share a much more energy-efficient and more effective method in the next part.

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