Shit Tests – Part 3

The method

You will notice that after a while the woman’s attitude towards you becomes smooth when you say those words when she acts nonsensically and stupid,

“Stop it”

“Do not be ridiculous.”

“Cut the bullshit.”

Use a random one among these four. Does it continue? Use another one. Is it still going on? Use another one. You’ve used all of it and it’s still going on? Use one according to your situation again. Then try to change the subject in a fun way. I even remember using these four sentences over and over again for exactly ten minutes. NEVER enter the discussion with the woman and you should not say anything other than these four above (except to change the subject). Until when? Of course, as long as the woman cuts off the bullshit. It usually takes up to ten minutes to get there.

When you say these in a neutral tone of voice without being annoyed, the woman will start behaving properly to you after a while. Of course, you should only use them when she is really acting ridiculous towards you. Otherwise, you can make things worse. But when you use it right, you can be sure that the woman’s sexual attraction to you will grow. That’s why you have to realize that you are a strong man.

She can be cold to you when you don’t do what she says and kiss you only when you behave how she wants you to. She can only have sex with you when she wants to reward you. NEVER accept this.

When this happens, you should NEVER get angry or NEVER be persistent.

Outcome independence

All you have to say is: “Cool”, “No Problem” or “Great” without sarcasm.

She may not answer the phone when you call. You should not call her again until she does.

After a little talk, she can tell she is gonna have a lunch with her mother and turn off the phone. In such a case you should never insist on continuing to talk.

You should say “OK” and turn off the phone.

You should be the first person to hang up the phone, often without giving her this opportunity. This shows that you do not need to talk to her and it creates attraction

When you want to go out she can say she is not available. You say “It’s OK” and you go out with another girl.

She can say that she will go on a vacation with friends. I suggest you let her go when you see something like this. You can even say something like “Go have fun.” Trying to restrict her will destroy the attraction to you, but freeing will make her closer to you. (You should estimate the dose well, or she might think you do not like her.)

She could say she is pregnant. This is the oldest test in history. Beware of this test! To see what you will react to her doing this test. If you start shouting, you start getting worried, or you just say, “We have to abort that child,” you stay on the test and the attraction to you is reduced.

What you have to do in such a situation is to keep your coolness and talk with her calmly about how it might have happened.

She can say she aborted a child from her old boyfriend. She does this to see how you react. Keep your coolness in the same way.

She can say she has an infectious disease. Yeah, it’s a disgusting test. What you will do is still be calm. She can say that her ex-boyfriend is contacting her and wants to meet her.

When she implies that other men pay attention to her, never get disappointed. Never get jealous. Keep calm.

To be continued in part 4

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