Shit tests – Part 4

The Last Part

Let’s say she goes to the gym. One day she came to you and said:

“I met a guy at the gym.”

Most men get annoyed and can tell her not to talk again and not even go to the gym again.

If the girl likes a man and wants to be with him, she will do it. You can not stop her.

By trying to restrict the girl, you actually cause her to go to that person.

Instead, say something like this:

“Great, you finally made yourself a friend. I think this is a big improvement for you. If you continue to treat people well, maybe more people will like you. “

If she likes that man, she will not tell you. She keeps it as a secret. The reason why she says this is to see how you’re going to react. If you get emotionally irritated, you stay on the test. If you are not affected, you pass the test.

Jealousy is healthy

But there is an important detail here:

If there is a serious relationship with the girl, you should be a little jealous. In a relationship, girls want jealousy mixed with jokes.

“If he is jealous of me, he loves me”. No jealousy may make her think you do not like her. So you have to be a bit jealous of the relationship, but not at a disturbing level.

But if you’ve just met a girl, I suggest you never get jealous.

The types and number of tests are unlimited.

For example, a girl you just met might want to buy a drink:

“Can you get me vodka?”

You can answer like this:

“You get me a gin and tonic, then we’ll see.”

“Ha ha ha this is the best pick up line? You should do better to get me. “

If she wants you to buy a drink, you say “Yes” and you lose. You say “no” and you lose again. You have to put out a third thing other than a direct answer. In the first answer, I want a drink from her.

In the second answer, I put the girl in the position of hitting on me and I tell her that she can not get me so easily.

Great answer!

She may want you to buy her a gift, or do something for her. The standard answer you can give is:

“You have to deserve it first.”

She might pretend to get close to you to see if you will go after her. She can kiss you, bite you, and you like it. You should not show her any extra interest just because she did it.

She can make you feel afraid and pretend to stay away from you to see how you’ll react. When she does that, you may feel an incredible fear of losing her. You can think of apologies and long explanations. You should never fall into this trap. Keep calm and remember that it’s a test. When you see something like this, you can change the subject and start telling funny stories.

She can throw a bait to make you explain or apologize to her. She can ask why you are using an old-fashioned television or why you went out with a girlfriend the other day. If you sit down and explain, you lose.

She can tell you:

“This TV is like it’s from the 1900’s !”

“What a dirty kitchen !”

The answer in such situations should be:

“I’m glad you liked it.”

(Of course, you will not leave the kitchen dirty again, will you?)

Let’s just say that every time you go out, you take her out for dinner. You will eat at the same place for the tenth time, and when you are on your way to the restaurant in the car, she says something like this:

“I do not want to go there. I do not feel like going there. “

You should look into her eyes and say:

“You’re right. You are completely right. Every time we go out, you pick the place, you use the car and you pay the bill. I want to have fun for a while. We need to balance things. “

You should say this without getting annoyed.

It is very comfortable and casual in the mouth.

There could be a few minutes of disturbing silence. Do not ever break it. Keep silent. In the end, she will definitely say something like this:

“Sorry. I’ll go to the place you want. “

You also say:

I do not need your approval, we are already going there. But thank you anyway. “

You see the behavior you have to put in front of the tests, do not you?

Of course, you should not do things like this blindly. Sometimes she can be feeling emotionally very sensitive. In such a time, if you continue to act like this because you think it’s a test, you can make the girl go away.

Showing disinterest to create attraction

Personally, I have begun to understand better how I should behave when my experience increases.

Now I will tell you three things which I use myself that work miraculously.

I am showing that I am not impressed by using them or distracted. I cause her brain to stop:

  1. Taking everything she says as a compliment

  2. Denying what she says and changing the topic or no answers at all

  3. Accepting it sarcastically.

Now I will give examples to each of them.

You may not be cutting your beard for days, and you have grown them so long that one of the girls might say:

“This beard looks so awful!”

You may be aware that you are awful, but if you start explaining why you can not cut your beard for days, it will make you look like a loser and reduce the sexual and emotional attraction that the girl feels for you. In such a case the answer should be:

“I’m glad you like it.”

The girl can be nervous about something you do and she can say:

“You are so stupid !”

If you apologize or try to make her forgive you, the interest of the girl will decrease. Instead, you should not make any comments. One of the standard answers you can give in a situation like this is:

“Thank you.” It’s a short, clean answer. You do not argue. You can also say: “Thank you, this is a compliment I receive constantly.”

In some cases, it may be the most appropriate solution to change what you say, ignoring what the girl says. For example; a girl you meet in the bar can lead you to a question like this:

“Why are you hanging out alone?”

If you start to explain why there is no one beside you and why you came alone, forget her! In such a case, you should ignore the girl’s question:

Do you know that restaurant in…? Their food is super delicious. I was there with a girlfriend and this happened…

Don’t even answer her. Just act as if she didn’t ask anything.

Sometimes it is better to accept the situation and exaggerate it as much as possible. You should exaggerate it so that the girl cannot be sure that what you say is true.

For example; you started a new relationship with a girl and you went out with your friends on a weekend and the girl did not come out with you. She called you and asked something like this:

“So you’re having fun. Are you with men or do you have a girl with you? “

In a similar situation, some men lie and say “No,” even though there are girls in the group. There can really be only men, but when you say you’re not with a girl, it will still look suspicious. The funniest and most useful move you can make is to say something like this:

“Yes baby, there are eight beautiful girls.”

Many men will be afraid to say this; but believe me, this is one of the most effective answers you can give. When a girl asks you a question like this, you should exaggerate the situation in such a ridiculous way and give a funny answer.

She can ask the following question:

“Do you have a girlfriend?”

You could also give an answer like this:

“Yes, I have 5.”

You may have made a small mistake on any subject, but she can grow up and say something to you:

“You are really stupid !”

Apologizing or trying to prove why you are not stupid will be very harmful to you. The girl will be more on it. It will always come up with similar issues later on. The shortest and most effective answer that will enable her to end this disturbing behavior will be:

Yes, I am dumb ha ha ha” or “Yes, I am the dumbest man on this world ha ha ha.” Finally, you should not forget laughing with a loud voice.

The girl will continue to say those. Do not get soft!

You should not step back after giving these kinds of answers! You should not say it was only a “joke” or it will cause worse.

By giving answers in this way, you show her that you are self-confident and that you are not trying to seek validation.

You do not need anybody’s approval.

The fact that you do not need the approval of anyone is very attractive to girls.

Whenever someone tells you something bad, thank or accept it. Acting like this usually works.

Let’s say I’m in my car with a girl and it’s starting to play a song I love on the radio. The girl wants me to change the song. In such a case, if I like the song, I will say:

“I think it’s a great song” and make it louder.

After a while, I will, of course, lower the sound but I will not change the song just because she wants it.

Women are just like children in this regard. They want to know where your borders are. They continue to test you and force you to the border. When a woman forces you and feels resistance (when you don’t do what she wants) she feels safe with you. That’s what she’s looking for.

But if she can not feel the resistance (if you do whatever she says or she wants just because she wants it), she will continue to force you to crush you.

Of course, she will not respect a man who’s crushed by her.

Doing something she likes does not make you do something with her. You satisfy her ego, this pleases her but fulfilling her wishes will not allow her to have sex with you or start a relationship with you.

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