Shit Tests – Part 1

Why Women Test Men

And How To Pass Them

Why Women Test Men

Famous shit tests of women! Some of us say it’s capricious, some of us say moody, some of us find it so meaningless that we can not give any names anymore.

A woman who starts to like you a bit starts testing you.

She wants to know how powerful you are. If she can keep you under control, she will lose her trust in you.

Why do you have to learn how to handle women’s shit tests?

Because women test you from the moment they meet you. You will encounter these tests for life and it will only end in the grave.

Some shit tests are invisible, others are obvious. A woman has to test you to learn if you are a MAN, and at the same time she understands either she can trust you or not.

She continues to test you forever; because she has to know if something is changing in your personality. She must be sure that you always keep your emotions controlled.

If you let a woman’s energy, her feelings, and her unstable behavior lead you off your path if you let her affect you if you let her distract you, if you let her upset or annoy you, you can not pass the tests. You can’t survive the woman’s test and you fail.

This will cause the woman to run away. She won’t like you anymore.


Things like that maybe happened before, but you did not realize. Some of the girls you met maybe stopped seeing you for no reason at all. If things like this happened before, they probably did it because you failed the test.

If you learn to cope with these tests of women, you will have a much happier and more peaceful relationship than most men, and the woman in your life will have complete confidence in you.

You do not have to deal with her nagging, and her moodiness, because these things occur less.

Now I will tell you about the solutions that most men do not know, but first I want to give information about the shit


The woman’s number one emotional priority is security and protection. She wants a man who will protect her and make her feel safe.

Everything she could ask the man when she meets him is very easy:

“Will you support me and the children to be born? Will you protect us from danger? “

But in this case, the man can lie to have sex with the woman. That’s why she has to test the man indirectly.

Do not forget this:

The woman does not usually test you on purpose. She does not know she’s doing this. It’s just random and natural. She’s acting according to her feelings. She then looks at how you react, and if you pass or not.

This is not something that is in her possession, it is an entirely instinctual event.

When do women start testing?

The woman starts to shit test you if she LIKES you. A woman usually does not even try to test the losers. Instead, she leaves them as soon as possible.

Tests are like double-sided knives. If you pass them, she likes you more. If you fail, she starts to lose her feelings.

When I look at my own experiences, I see that a girl I just met is starting to test me from the minute I first met. For example; I normally put my shirt in my jeans. One of the girls I met recently said to me:

“I do not believe you’ve got your shirt in your pants, it’s so bad, take it out.”

I could sit down and explain why I did so, in a very logical way to explain why my style was like that. But this time, the attraction she felt toward me would disappear. So I said:

“I like it this way.”

That’s it. There is no explanation. I mean, you can go if you do not like it. Even sometimes, I say it directly.

“That’s me. If you do not like it, you can go.”

I told that to so many girls, and not even a single girl went away because I said so. On the contrary, almost all of them got closer to me. Because I’m telling them that I can pass the test. They like me a lot more than when I show them that I have my own special principles and I will not give up on those principles.

There are two kinds of tests

Major and minor tests

Minor tests are unlimited. There are numerous little tests and I can’t exactly tell you what are those. But when you are experienced, you can spot those tests really easily. And you won’t even have to do anything to pass them since you will learn how to be a REAL MAN with my other guide and those tests will be naturally passed.

To be continued in Part 2

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