Take the lead

Always be leading her

Take the lead

A man who doesn’t take the lead at most times is nothing in the eyes of a woman. A man can’t be successful in life if he doesn’t possess leadership skills. Women sense this with their evolutionary instincts and don’t prefer those guys.

She doesn’t do it on purpose. She just doesn’t feel attracted to that guy.

It’s a process that occurs subconsciously.

If you want to be attractive, you must show that you are the LEADER.

When you show her that you are a leader, she will like you. It’s a mechanism that all women have.

Never forget this.

People stay silent and listen to you, go wherever you want. Being the one that is listened is always attractive.

You can lead in two ways

  1. Verbally
  2. Physically

You gotta be the one to decide. Face to face or on the phone, whether it’s deciding on the restaurant or the movie. Of course, you won’t say “Only I can decide” without caring about her. You must use it wisely. If she has a problem with that decision, she will tell you.


When I’m going to eat something with a girl, I always say this:

“I know a great Chinese Restaurant, let’s go there”

If she doesn’t want to do that, she tells me. If she suggests another option and I agree on it, we go there.

I say “Sounds cool let’s go there.”


“Okay it doesn’t matter, I will go anywhere with you, pick wherever you want, we’ll go wherever you want”

It will instantly reduce the attraction she is feeling.

The thing is not being stubborn about your decision, it’s just DECIDING and giving an option.


A man must decide calmly, act quickly and fix everything even in an urgent situation.


Let’s say you are going on a vacation. You MUST plan everything. Where to go, where to stay, how to go, what to do there etc.

If she doesn’t want to do one of those things, she will tell you. You will listen to her if she doesn’t want it.

If she has some questions, all you gotta say is this:

“Babe, I handled everything, you just sit there and have fun.”

The other one is to take the lead physically. It lets you control her.

She leaves everything to you, you take action and decide.

That’s what she actually wants. She will be bored when you don’t do that and she may even go away.

If you hold her hand and drag her to somewhere, saying “Let’s go there”, it’s leading her.

The key factor is not asking for permission before doing that and ALWAYS take the lead!

Leaders don’t seek validation or permission.

You do everything regarding that she will be POSITIVE about it. IF she gets disturbed, she will tell you. You shouldn’t push her. Listen to her if she refuses your option and creates another one.

Examples from real life

You are in a bar and will buy drinks for her. Hold her hand and take her to the bartender. Ask her what she wants to drink and order it.

You must hold her hand, especially if it’s crowded. You must always make her follow you and take the lead while holding hands. It’s also a way to create a physical connection between you.

You can also test if she likes you or not. If she holds you tight, she likes you. If she leaves your hand or holds it loose, she may not feel anything for you.

You are walking with her and you are the only one how to go somewhere. Let’s say you have to turn right. Touch her waist and let her follow the way instead of saying “Turn right”.

Let’s say you are in a place with friends and there is music. Take her to the dance floor, and have fun instead of asking if she wants to dance. You can even kiss her after that.

The point is not asking when you are making a move. You are not saying “Do you want to…” simply because it kills the emotion and you don’t want to use your logic around girls.

If you ask her, it means convincing her and you want to change her emotions, not her thoughts.

Be a natural leader

But if you make moves instead of asking, it will be hard to say no and her EMOTIONS will change.

Women like you when it feels natural when you are touching them. You will make her used to that feeling.

Those touches must be really short. Maybe for 2 seconds. But it creates a momentum that will let you kiss her or take her home.

This is one of the features being a leader will help you get. I will talk about that later.

In the end, if you want her to be ATTRACTED to you, you must decide and lead her.

I even say “I make the decision here” in a funny way when she rejects me, doing something. Say it in a way that it can be both leading and funny.

Because deep inside, that’s what they want. Seeing your LEADER side.

Women want to see A LEADER.

That’s why you shouldn’t give up on a thing just because she doesn’t want you to.


You must be brave.

Don’t ask for permission, act as a LEADER.

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