Why Do Girls Like Badboys

Bad boys

Why do they like bad boys and douchebags?

Their brain works differently. Emotions are DOMINANT in their brain. If you act according to what they say, it becomes your end. Instead, you need to understand their feelings.

They become obsessed with the guys that make them FEEL good. No matter how old she is, if you are making her laugh and having a GOOD time with her, she is going to be attracted to you. And those bad boys are MASTERS of this!

One of the reasons girls love them is they don’t judge or blame them. Instead, they spend an amazing time together.

They don’t say “You are not a good girl because you are doing this or that”.

Girls feel comfortable with those guys, they act however they want. They let the inner little girl have fun.

While those guys can get laid after the first date, nice guys wait MONTHS or maybe YEARS to do that.

Don’t get this wrong:

Being a “douchebag” or a “bad boy” doesn’t mean that they don’t treat girls good. It MAY seem like that, but the term “good” and your good actions have nothing to do with her, being attracted to you. Those guys are just good at knowing how to act so the girls are attracted to them, and what to do to avoid them running away. 


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