Why Women Are Insecure

Clubs And Ego

Women LOVE going to clubs to seek validation. They all like to dance and they want to remember that men pay attention to them.

There are good spotlights, good music, crazy dance floors, alcohol that helps them relax, and crazier men that tell them how beautiful they are.

Clubs are HUGE ego boosting places. They are places that women can go, get drunk and have fun until the morning.

There are guys that hit on them. They PROVE that they are being liked and validates their desirability.

A girl can tell you that she “hates” it because she can’t even dance when guys come and hit on her. When she gets older, she complains that nobody is hitting on her.

Being hit on is a validation for them. They feel that they are liked. They see that they are still hot enough to attract men. It is a huge ego boost for them.

They do it all the time. The first thing a girl does when she breaks up with her boyfriend is to go clubbing. If she can’t go to a club, she wears a dress and goes to public places like bars or pubs. If she can’t even go outside, she opens tinder and starts to seek attention.

Some girls say that they don’t. I’m not saying that it’s the same for all of them. BUT MOST OF THEM go out, or open Tinder INSTANTLY after a breakup.

It doesn’t mean that they want something sexual instantly. It may be for some of them and may not be for some.

But one thing is for sure, they go out. Men come and compliment them, meet them, try to buy a drink for them and those BOOST her EGO. They feel GOOD. They see that they are still hot and men still like them. But at the same time, they hope to meet their “dream guy”.

The Shield

Some girls protect their friends when a guy tries to meet them. They create a shield.

The thing is, we don’t do it like men. When a girl comes to talk to your friend, you don’t say:

“Don’t disturb us, we came here together with my friend and we don’t want to spend time with you”

Two reasons why they do that are these:

1. Their friend can be drunk and they don’t want to let her do something that she will regret later.

2. They may not get as much attention as her and they might be jealous. The shield, in this case, is a mask.

They protect themselves, and their friends.

The way to overcome this is when you meet a group of girls, you need to have fun with EVERYONE in the group. Be nice and friendly to everyone in the group.

We sometimes make a mistake;

We don’t pay attention to the ugly girl in the group, and then that girl becomes our NIGHTMARE. She doesn’t leave us alone and she makes everything to prevent her from doing something with us.

If you want to get rid of that ugly/fat girl, be nice to her. Have fun with all the group and you will reduce your chance to face an obstacle.

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